b'Illinois Paint Horse Association Award RulesApproved 11/18/18Effective 1/1/19General Rules for IPHA Sponsored and/or Approved Shows: b .If there are fewer than six entries, first place receives point equal to the number in The IPHA will sponsor/approve shows during the show season of January 1 through Octoberthe class, on down to last place who receives one point .31 . IPHA-approved shows held from January through March 31 will not count as qualifying9 .There will be additional halter points given to each horse which is named Grand shows, but the state points will count towards year-end awards . These shows will beor Reserve Champion in each show . The rule is similar to the APHA rule . The Grand approved for National and IPHA points . Rules governing these shows will be governed byChampion horse will be given one more point than any other horse in that sex division the American Paint Horse Association (APHA) officiating rules . under that Judge . The Reserve Champion will receive as many points as any other 1 .Show CommitteeWill be appointed by the President and is in charge of annualhorse in that sex division under that particular judge .shows sponsored by the IPHA . 10 . If there is only one age division in Youth, Amateur or Open offered at a show, the Points 2 .Point SystemSee award rules listed below . The Point Secretary is appointed by theSecretary will divide the points into respective divisions (Youth 13 & Under/Youth 18 & President and is responsible for the recording of points . Under, Amateur 19 & Over/Amateur Masters 45 & Over by age of exhibitor, or Junior/Senior by age of horse) for the purposes of tallying the All-Around awards at year-end . 3 .Awards BanquetAn annual Awards Banquet will be held, it may or may not be in11 . Lead-Line exhibitors need not own their own horses . A Lead-Line exhibitor may use conjunction with the annual meeting . A committee will be appointed by the Presidentany horse, but horse or exhibitor may only show one time in each class . In order to be and be responsible for an annual banquet and presentation of the High Point Awards . eligible for the year-end awards, all Lead Line exhibitors, but not the horse owners, 4 .IPHA Non-Sponsored shows must be presented and approved for Illinois points priormust be IPHA members . A Lead-Line exhibitor may change horses during the year and to the beginning of the current IPHA show season . points will continue to accumulate .a .The application will pay all fees as described in the fee schedule pertaining to the12 . Youth Walk-Trot and Amateur Walk-Trot exhibitors must meet ownership eligibility show . Should approval be denied, the application fee will be refunded . No showsrequirements under APHA rules AM-020 or YP-015 in order to accrue state points .will be approved once the show season begins . This does not apply to the Illinois13 . All Youth and Amateur exhibitors (except Lead-Line exhibitors) will be scored on a State Fair show . one-horse, one-exhibitor basis .b .IPHA Fees (office fees) will be collected and paid at all IPHA sponsored and14 . If a horse is jointly owned, all persons listed as an owner must be IPHA members .approved shows . The applicant agrees to collect IPHA fees as determined in the fee schedule and remit the appropriate fees to the IPHA Treasurer within thirty (30)15 . If a horse is transferred from one IPHA member to another, the points will still continue days after the show date . in Open classes . If any transfer occurs, please send the Point Secretary some sort of c .The applicant agrees to furnish copies of the show results to the IPHA Pointdocument which shows the date of transfer .Secretary for use in tabulating IPHA points within thirty (30) days . 16 . If a horse is transferred from one IPHA Youth or Amateur member to another, the d .The applicant, by applying to the IPHA, agrees to meet all requirements and filingpoints will stop on the first owner and begin for the second owner on the date of the dates of the APHA for an APHA-approved show . transfer . If any transfer occurs, please send the Point Secretary some sort of document which shows the date of transfer .5 .The following futurities may be available for the Promotion of the American Paint17 . If a horse is euthanized or dies, that horse/exhibitor combination will be considered as Horse breed: qualified for year-end awards, no points will transfer to a different horse and no further a .Racing Futurity points will accrue .b .Breeder Futurity 18 . Everyone must follow APHA rules, as well as IPHA rules .IPHA Award Rules: 19 . For points in a class to count toward an All-Around award, the exhibitor/horse must 1 .All exhibitors must adhere to the rules set forth by the Illinois Paint Horse Association,meet the qualification requirements as outlined in #4 above .Color class points will and must be an IPHA member in good standing . count toward the All Around total but will not satisfy the halter or performance class requirements .Points earned in Green classes will not count towards All-Around 2 .In order to receive any IPHA points, the owner(s) or leaseholder(s) of the horse mustawards .Awards presented each year, in addition to the individual classes, will include:be IPHA members in good standing .The name on the IPHA membership must matcha .ALL-AROUND AWARDS:what is on file with the APHA .Points will begin accumulating only after membership is paid . Dues may be paid to the IPHA Secretary or at the entry table at any Illinois PaintHIGH POINT and RESERVE YOUTH HALTERHorse Association-sponsored show .Points will be tabulated only at IPHA-approvedHIGH POINT and RESERVE AMATEUR HALTERand/or sponsored shows . HIGH POINT and RESERVE OPEN HALTER3 .You must show to fourteen (14) judges to qualify for year-end awards .ONLY TWELVEHIGH POINT and RESERVE YOUTH WALK-TROT(12) JUDGES FROM PORs WILL COUNT TOWARDS QUALIFYING NUMBERthe otherHIGH POINT and RESERVE NOVICE YOUTHtwo judges must come from IPHA-sponsored two-judge:Crystal Lake/WoodstockHIGH POINT and RESERVE YOUTH 13 & UNDER(2 judges) or Hopedale (2 judges each show) . The Illinois State Fair and Rebel RidersHIGH POINT and RESERVE YOUTH 18 & UNDER 4-H (Clinton) shows will count for points, but will not count towards the two-judgeHIGH POINT and RESERVE AMATEUR WALK-TROTqualification requirement .NOTE:Please note that the class participation for qualifyingHIGH POINT and RESERVE NOVICE AMATEURpurposes will accrue separately for Youth 13 & Under and Youth 18 & Under classes, asHIGH POINT and RESERVE AMATEUR 19 & OVERwell as Amateur 19 & Over and Amateur Masters 45 & Over classes . HIGH POINT and RESERVE AMATEUR MASTERS 45 & OVERHIGH POINT and RESERVE YOUTH SOLID PAINT BRED4 .Any class held at only one show (i .e ., Futurity classes, Yearling In Hand Trail), will not beHIGH POINT and RESERVE AMATEUR SOLID PAINT BREDeligible to receive a year-end award .Any show sponsored or approved by the IllinoisHIGH POINT and RESERVE OPEN JUNIOR HORSEPaint Horse Association will be counted, and includes the Illinois State Fair show . HIGH POINT and RESERVE OPEN SENIOR HORSE5 .Awards will be given for any class that has exhibitors who have met the qualifyingHIGH POINT and RESERVE OPEN SOLID PAINT BREDrequirements .Exception:Individual awards for speed event classes will not be given .b .Youth, Amateur and Open Halter points will accumulate from eligible divisions .For those classes, a HIGH POINT and RESERVE SPEED EVENT awards will be given outc .Youth Walk-Trot, Novice Youth, Amateur Walk-Trot and Novice Amateur must in each division (Regular and Solid Paint Bred: Youth, Amateur and Open) to the horsequalify in three performance classes in their respective division .with the highest cumulative state point total, and will include points earned Pole Bending, Stake Race and Barrel Racing classes .An exhibitor does not need to exhibitd .Youth 13 & Under, Youth 18 & Under, Youth Solid Paint Bred, Amateur, Amateur in all three events to qualify for this award .Additional awards will also be given to theSolid Paint Bred and Open Solid Paint Bred must qualify in three performance third through fifth places in this category .classes in their respective division .Both halter and performance points are 6 .The top five finishers for each class and each All Around division will be awarded acounted .dollar value . In case of a tie, all persons tied will receive an equal dollar value . For thee .Open Junior Horse must qualify in one halter and two performance classes .year-end awards, each person will have the dollar amounts they earned in each classf .Open Senior Horse must qualify in one halter and three performance classes .added together to get a total dollar value . There will be categories assigned based on the different dollar values . Each person will be able to pick an award in their category20 . The Points Secretary will publish or post current standings as often as possible . or pay the difference and move up a category . Each person can also pick more than21 . If any sort of situation arises which is not covered by these rules, the IPHA President, one award from the lower categories to match their dollar amount . Vice-President and Points Secretary will jointly make a ruling on the matter .7 .All Junior horses are five years and younger, all Senior horses are six years or older . 22 . To discuss points, please feel free to write or call the Points Secretary .8 .Points will be awarded in Youth, Amateur and Open classes in the following manner:a .If there are six or more entries, first place gets six points on down to sixth place receiving one point, and the seventh place horse will receive.5 point .2019 DirectoryPage 23'