b'ILLINOIS PAINT BREEDERS FUTURITY RULESApproved 11-18-2018These revised Illinois Paint Breeders Futurity Rules approved by membership9 . Entries will be judged by all APHA judges and APHA rules in conjunction with on November 28, 2018, and are effective January 1, 2019 .All other rule sets arethe horse show . The final placing will be determined by adding the numerical superseded by this copy .It is the members responsibility to read, understand,value given to each judges placing, and adding all of those numerical values and adhere to these rules set forth by the IPHA Futurity Committee and(example:10 head in class, 1st place equals 10 points . Two first places, a approved by the IPHA membership . second, and a third would equal 37 points) .If an exhibitor has a conflict of General Provisions: interest with a judge, that judge score will not be counted . The remaining three judges numerical values will be added together, divided by 3, and the Stallion Service Auction (SSA) Requirements: resulting numerical value added to the three-judge total (example:Three-1 . Requirements for mares:Mares must be eligible to have a registered APHAjudge total point value equals 24 points .24 divided by 3 equals 8 .8 plus 24 foal, and must be registered with the APHA, AQHA or JC .Mares being bookedequals 32 points, total) .In case of tie, a rotation of the judge pool will be used to AQHA or JC stallions must be APHA-registered . to determine what judge will serve as the tie-breaker judge and announced at the beginning of the class .2 . Requirements for stallions: 10 . All entries will be placed first to tenth with core points adjusted to the a . Stallion must be eligible to have registered APHA offspring and must benumber of horses in the class . registered with the APHA, AQHA or JC .11 .Non-compliance with these rules could result in forfeiture of entry b . Owners for stallion being enrolled in the SSA for the first time will need tointo class and/or winnings . return a stallion nomination contract to enroll his/her stallion in the SSA12 .All entry documentation, upon application into the Futurity, becomes prior to December 31st of the previous year . the property of the Futurity Committee for future reference of the nominee .c .Stallion owners who advertise private treaty services may select the starting13 .Futurity office fee - Any horse showing ONLY in futurity classes, and bid for said stallion at either the PT $250 or PT $500 level . All other stallionswho is not entered or exhibited in an APHA class shall be assessed a $20 .00 fee . without a PT service price are started atof advertised stallion service fee with a minimum bid of $250 .14 .In case of death of a Futurity entry, refunds will only be made with d . Stallion owners may charge chute fees at public advertised rates . documentation from DVM .Substitutions are allowed only if entered horse is deceased .e . Stallion owners must charge TCS charges at public advertised rates . 15 .All exhibitors and owners must be members in good standing of the f .Stallion service sales are from date of auction to December 31st of breedingIllinois Paint Horse Association . year .Purchasing stallions outside of this time period is strictly prohibited . Futurity classes offered:g . Stallions can be added to the SSA through May 1st only if new ownershipWeanling ClassificationHalter of the stallion is established and sale of the stallion service is guaranteed by the new owner . To make a foal eligible to show in the weanling classification of this Futurity, the 3 . The mare owner will be charged a $25 office fee in addition to the purchasefollowing conditions must be complied with:price of the stallion .A mare owners purchase fee may be returned only ifEntries: a stallion dies or becomes unfit to breed prior to mare being bred .NoticeoAUGUST 15th DEADLINE: Entry of $100 .00 ($50 .00 for the stallion owner must be given to the Futurity Chairman prior to December 31st of the contractand mare owner that bought the stud fee through the SSA) . year to be eligible for a refund .A veterinarians certified letter must be sent to the Futurity Chairman stating the above .The stallion owner shall notify theoLATE DEADLINE: Entries postmarked after midnight August 15th will Futurity Chairman as to the stallions status in Futurity participation . be considered late, and subject to a total fee of $200 .00 for each class If the owners mare is unclean or produces a lethal white foal, the owner mayentered .Late entries will be accepted until ten days prior to the start of substitute a second mare or rebreed the same mare the following year only .the show .If the owners mare dies resulting also in the death of her foal, the ownerThe owner will be in good standing with all futurity fees paid . may substitute a second mare the following year only .Any of the previousAll stallion owners and mare owners must enter/declare their Breeders situations require the mare owner to report this in writing by August 15th ofFuturity eligible weanlings by August 15th .Even if an eligible weanling the foaling year . will not be shown its weanling year, in order to remain eligible for one half 4 . A mare owner failing to present a mare to the stallion during the contract yearprice entry in an appropriate yearling class and one-half price entry into an forfeits all rights to the contract . appropriate two- / three-year-old class, the weanling must be reported IN 5 . Mare/Stallion owner has the right to transferentry fee to the purchaser ofWRITING to the Futurity Chairman by August 15th . said offspring and will provide adequate documentation for presentation withA current copy of the work order/registration papers must be furnished to entry . the Futurity by the start of the Futurity show . Information on entries must 6 . All entries must be produce of stallions entered and sold in the Illinois Paintmatch corresponding information on registration papers or entry will be Breeders Futurity SSA .Where a mare owner is granted a rebreeding for thedisqualified from showing .following year, the foal will be added to the eligible foals for that year, but theUpon receipt of all entries, entries will be divided into two divisionsEarly contract amount will remain in the purse for the year the contract was sold .and Late . Median numbers of entries will determine the split .In case of an a . For rebreeding:The Futurity Chairman must be notified in writing byuneven number of entries, the larger class will be the early division .A set of December 31st of the breeding year by the mare owner . dollar figures will be placed on each entry to determine payback .7 . Only registered APHA Regular and Solid Paint Bred horses are eligible to beYearling Halter and Longe Line Classificationshown .All entries must have a current copy of APHA work order or registrationTo make a yearling eligible to show in the yearling classification of the Futurity, papers by the start of the futurity show .Information on entries must matchthe following conditions must be complied with:corresponding information on registration papers, or entry will be disqualifiedAll horses will be subject to the drug policies set forth by APHA .from showing .No payouts will be made to horses showing on a work order until papers are produced .If showing under a work order, any foal found toClasses to be held:have been shown in the wrong age division will be disqualified and all moniesoYearling Longe Lineforfeited .8 . TheFuturitywillfollowspecialaccommodationandhandicappedoYearling Halter Maresaccommodations in accordance with the policies and guidelines set out byoYearling Halter Geldings/Stallionsthe APHA .Letters of Accommodation must be presented to the Futurity Chairman before the Futurity is to take place .Page 34Painted Horse Booklet'