b'ILLINOIS PAINT HORSE ASSOCIATION PAINT-O-RAMA and FALL BREEDERS FUTURITY SHOWOctober 3-5, 2019 - Gordyville USA, Gifford, IL Show Manager: Jerry Wyrick (309) 826-3643 Show Secretary: Lorna Wyrick (309) 826-3643FRIDAY, OCTOBER 3, 201947 .Amateur Masters Showmanship 100 .Open Solid Paint Bred Stake Race START TIME:5:00 P.M. (Ages 45 & Over)101 .Youth Barrel Racing 1 .Walk Trot Trail (Ages 5-10)48 .Youth Solid Paint Bred Showmanship102 .Amateur Barrel Racing 2 .Amateur Walk Trot Trail49 .Amateur Solid Paint Bred Showmanship103 .Barrel Racing 3 .Yearling In Hand Trail50 .Youth Geldings104 .Youth Solid Paint Bred Barrel Racing 4 .Solid Paint Bred Yearling In Hand Trail51 .Amateur Geldings105 .Amateur Solid Paint Bred Barrel Racing 5 .Green TrailAMATEUR GRAND AND RESERVE GELDINGS106 .Solid Paint Bred Barrel Racing 6 .Novice Youth Trail52 .Performance GeldingsSUNDAY, OCTOBER 7, 2019 7 .Novice Amateur Trail53 .2018 Yearling GeldingsSTART TIME: 7:30 A .M .8 .Youth Trail54 .2017 2 Year Old Geldings**Arena will close at 7:15 A.M. for warm up for 9 .Amateur Trail55 .2016 3 Year Old GeldingsTwo-Year-Old Snaffle Bit Western Pleasure horses 10 .Trail56 .2015 & Before Aged Geldingsonly11 .Youth Solid Paint Bred TrailGRAND AND RESERVE GELDINGS 12 .Amateur Solid Paint Bred Trail57 .Youth Solid Paint Bred Geldings613 .Breeders Futurity Two Year Old Snaffle 13 .Solid Paint Bred Trail 58 .Amateur Solid Paint Bred GeldingsBit Western Pleasure AMATEUR SPB GRAND AND RESERVE GELDINGS107 .Two Year Old Snaffle Bit Western Pleasure SATURDAY, OCTOBER 6, 201959 .Solid Paint Bred Junior Geldings108 .NON-APHA Open Walk Trot Western Pleasure START TIME: 7:30 A.M (2 Years & Under)109 .Walk Trot Western Pleasure (Ages 5-10) 14 .2019 Weanling Geldings60 .Solid Paint Bred Senior Geldings110 .Walk Trot Horsemanship (Ages 5-10) 15 .2019 Weanling Stallions(3 Years & Over)111 .Amateur Walk Trot Western Pleasure 601.Breeders Futurity Early WeanlingGRAND AND RESERVE SOLID PAINT BRED112 .Amateur Walk Trot Horsemanship Stallions/GeldingsGELDINGS113 .Green Western Pleasure 602.Breeders Futurity Late Weanling61 .Lead Line (Ages 3-8) 114 .Novice Youth Western Pleasure Stallions/Geldings**BREAK**Arena open for all Yearling & 2 Year Old115 .Novice Amateur Western Pleasure 16 .Amateur StallionsLonge Line horses only** 116 .Junior Western Pleasure AMATEUR GRAND AND RESERVE STALLIONS117 .Youth Western Pleasure (Ages 13 & Under) 603.Breeders Futurity Yearling 609Breeders Futurity Yearling Longe Line118 .Youth Western Pleasure (Ages 18 & Under) Stallions/Geldings62 .Amateur Yearling Longe Line119 .Amateur Western Pleasure (Ages 19 & Over) 17 .Performance Stallions63 .Yearling Longe Line120 .Amateur Masters Western Pleasure 18 .2018 Yearling Stallions64 .Solid Paint Bred Longe Line (Ages 45 & Over) 604.Breeders Futurity 2yo Stallions/Geldings**BREAK**Warm-up for Illinois Breeders Futurity Two121 .Youth Solid Paint Bred Western Pleasure 19 .2017 2 Year Old StallionsYear Old Snaffle Bit Western PleasureNon-Pro 122 .Amateur Solid Paint Bred Western Pleasure 20 .2016 3 Year Old Stallions123 .Senior Western Pleasure 21 .2015 & Before Aged Stallions611 Breeders Futurity Two Year Old124 .Solid Paint Bred Western PleasureGRAND AND RESERVE STALLIONSSnaffle Bit Western Pleasure Non-Pro**BREAKWarm-up for Illinois Breeders Futurity 22 .Amateur Solid Paint Bred Stallions65 .Walk Trot Hunter Under Saddle (Ages 5-10)Three Year Old Snaffle Bit Western Pleasure horses AMATEUR SPB GRAND AND RESERVE STALLIONS66 .Walk Trot Hunt Seat Equitation (Ages 5-10)only**23 .Solid Paint Bred Junior Stallions67 .Amateur Walk Trot Hunter Under Saddle (2 Years & Under)68 .Amateur Walk Trot Equitation614.Breeders Futurity Three Year Old Snaffle 24 .Solid Paint Bred Senior Stallions69 .Green Hunter Under SaddleBit Western Pleasure (3 Years & Over)70 .Novice Youth Hunter Under Saddle125 .Novice Youth Horsemanship GRAND AND RESERVE SOLID PAINT 71 .Novice Amateur Hunter Under Saddle126 .Novice Amateur Horsemanship BRED STALLIONS72 .Youth Hunter Under Saddle (Ages 13 & Under)127 .Youth Horsemanship (Ages 13 & Under) 25 .2019 Weanling Mares73 .Youth Hunter Under Saddle (Ages 18 & Under)128 .Youth Horsemanship (Ages 18 & Under) 605.Breeders Futurity Early Weanling Fillies74 .Amateur Hunter Under Saddle (19 & Over)129 .Amateur Horsemanship (19 & Over) 606.Breeders Futurity Late Weanling Fillies75 .Amateur Masters Hunter Under Saddle130 .Amateur Masters Horsemanship (45 & Over) 700Evan Leonard Memorial Breeders Futurity(45 & Over)131 .Youth Solid Paint Bred Horsemanship Championof Champion Weanling (Overall76 .Junior Hunter Under Saddle132 .Amateur Solid Paint Bred Horsemanship winners of each of the four Breeders77 .Youth Solid Paint Bred Hunter Under Saddle133 .Youth Western Riding Futurity weanling classes) 78 .Amateur Solid Paint Bred Hunter134 .Amateur Western Riding 26 .Youth MaresUnder Saddle135 .Western Riding 27 .Amateur Mares79 .Senior Hunter Under Saddle136 .Youth Reining AMATEUR GRAND AND RESERVE MARES80 .Solid Paint Bred Hunter Under Saddle 137 .Amateur Reining 607.Breeders Futurity Yearling Mares**BREAKWarm-up for Illinois Breeders Futurity138 .Reining28 .Performance MaresTwo / Three Year old Hunter Under Saddle Only**29 .2018 Yearling MaresShow management reserves the right to combine 608.Breeders Futurity 2yo Mares612.Breeders Futurity Two / Three Year Oldclasses where applicable as allowed by APHA rules .30 .2017 2 Year Old MaresHunter Under Saddle 31 .2016 3 Year Old Mares81 .Novice Youth Hunt Seat EquitationFees:32 .2015 & Before Aged Mares82 .Novice Amateur Hunt Seat Equitation*Futurity horses will be charged $20 Futurity Office 33 .Broodmares83 .Youth Hunt Seat Equitation (Ages 13 & Under)Fee if not shown in any APHA class .GRAND AND RESERVE MARES84 .Youth Hunt Seat Equitation (Ages 18 & Under) 34 .Youth Solid Paint Bred Mares85 .Amateur Hunt Seat Equitation*All entry fees priced PER JUDGE: All classes are 35 .Amateur Solid Paint Bred Mares(Ages 19 & Over)$7 per class or $40 all-day fee (one horse/one rider) .AMATEUR SPB GRAND AND RESERVE MARES86 .Amateur Masters Hunt Seat EquitationEntry fees for NSBA classes are $15 per class (does not 36 .Solid Paint Bred Junior Mares(Ages 45 & Over)include APHA class fee) .Rider and owner must have (2 Years & Under)87 .Youth Solid Paint Bred EquitationNSBA membership .No trophy or payback offered .37 .Solid Paint Bred Senior Mares (3 Years & Over)88 .Amateur Solid Paint Bred Equitation GRAND AND RESERVE SOLID PAINT 89 .Youth Pole BendingAPHA fees: $5 per horse per judge . BRED MARES90 .Amateur Pole BendingIPHA Office fee: $5 per horse .38 .Overo Color Class91 .Pole Bending 39 .Tobiano Color Class92 .Youth Solid Paint Bred Pole BendingJackpot Classes:Open to any APHA Regular or Solid 40 .Walk Trot Showmanship (Ages 5-10)93 .Amateur Solid Paint Bred Pole BendingPaint Registered horses .$25 entry fee per class, 100% 41 .Amateur Walk Trot Showmanship94 .Open Solid Paint Bred Pole Bendingpayback based on number of entries .42 .Novice Youth Showmanship95 .Youth Stake RaceStall reservations must be canceled 72 hours prior to 43 .Novice Amateur Showmanship96 .Amateur Stake Racestart of show or exhibitor will be charged .44 .Youth Showmanship (Ages 13 & Under)97 .Stake Race 45 .Youth Showmanship (Ages 18 & Under)98 .Youth Solid Paint Bred Stake Race 46 .Amateur Showmanship (Ages 19 & Over)99 .Amateur Solid Paint Bred Stake Race Page 36Painted Horse Booklet'