b'ILLINOIS PAINT HORSE ASSOCIATION, INC. BY-LAWSand present them to the Board of Directors either at the quarterly meeting or by mail orC .Awards Committee - The Awards Committee is responsible for the selection and email if no meeting is called that quarter . A report from each IPHA sponsored horse showpurchase of the year-end awards .shall be presented to the Board of Directors quarterly . D . Show Committee - The Show Committee provides guidance and promotion of the Paint Horse through sponsored shows in accordance with Article VIII .SECTION V . Bonding . The Secretary and Treasurer and all other officers or committees ofE .Racing Committee - A Racing Committee will be appointed if and when an interest members, who may have the handling of any funds of the IPHA, shall give a surety bond toarises .be furnished at the expense of the Association for the faithful discharge of their duties if soF .Futurity Committee - The Futurity Committee provides guidance and promotion required by the Board of Directors . for the annual futurity show .G . Ways and Means Committee - The Ways and Means Committee is to set a budget by SECTION III and IV . As amended February 26, 1972, the offices of Secretary and Treasurer shallApril 1st of the current year . The Committee should review each function proposed remain separate and apart, however, the same person may hold both offices concurrently . for the year and submit its impact on the financial well-being of the IPHA . In the absence of a ways and means committee, the Board of Directors will review ARTICLE VIIbudgets proposed for the year .Board of Directors H . Banquet Committee - The Banquet Committee will plan an Awards Banquet as required in Article VIII, Section C .SECTION l . It is hereby understood that there shall be nine (9) directors . The State has beenI .Directory Committee - To promote the Paint Horse and the IPHA through the divided into six (6) areas with each area entitled to one (1) director, with three (3) directors-at- annual publication of a directory .large . One-third of the directors shall be elected each year at the Annual meeting for a termJ .Bylaws Committee - Reviewing Bylaws annually making sure that they are in of three years . Each area director will be nominated and elected by a vote of only memberscompliance with the State of Illinois and the APHAs requirements . Making changes from that individual area . Directors-at-large will be nominated and elected by a vote of theto the Bylaws as voted on by the membership and making the recommended entire IPHA membership . Nothing shall be construed to prevent the election of a director tochanges to the Board of Directors .succeed himself . All directors must be voting IPHA members for two (2) consecutive yearsK .MembershipCommittee-TheMembershipCommitteeshouldberesponsiblefor immediately prior to taking office . The business and property of the IPHA shall be controlledattracting new members, special events requested by members, and setting disciplinary and managed by the Board of Directors . The Board of Directors shall have the power andguidelines for the Board of Directors .authority to adopt, amend, repeal and enforce such rules and regulations, (not contrary to the laws of the State or the Certificate of Incorporation or these by-laws) as they may deem expedient concerning the: AllcommitteebudgetrecommendationsmustbeapprovedbytheBoardpriorto implementation . Committees may not authorize disbursements without prior approval of A . Conduct, management and activities of the IPHA; the Board of Directors . The President may appoint other committees from time to time as B .Removal or suspension of officers and directors; required for specific purposes .C . Admission, classification, qualification, suspension and expulsion of members; ARTICLE IX D . Fixing and collecting of dues and fees; AmendmentsE . Expenditure of monies;F .Auditing of books and records;G . Awarding of year-end awards and recognition; These Bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the IPHA by two-thirds (2/3) H . Conducting of shows, contests, exhibition, races, sales and social functions andmajority of those present, providing notice of such an amendment has been given at the other details relating to the general purposes of the IPHA; previous meeting . By-law changes are not effective until the year after they are approved I .Establishing standing and/or special committees . by the APHA .SECTION II . In order to maintain their position of Director for the IPHA, such director(s) mustARTICLE X attend six (6) IPHA Functions in one (1) calendar year, three (3) or 50% (whichever is greatest)Auditingof which must be IPHA meetings . If such functions are not attended, said director(s) CANNOT be renominated for that position the following year, and if their term continues into theAll accounts of the IPHA will have the IPHA Presidents name on such accounts . If so following year, they will be replaced as per Section III, Vacancies . requestedbytwo-thirds(2/3)ofthemembershipattheAnnualmeeting,anannual commercial auditing of the Treasurer and/or of the Futurity shall be made by a certified SECTION III . Vacancies . Vacancies in the Board of Directors shall be filled by appointmentpublic accountant at the close of that calendar year . Such accountant shall not be a member made by the remaining directors . Each person so elected to fill a vacancy shall remain aof the IPHA . Such audit will commence within 60 days of the request and the results will be director until his successor shall have been elected by the members who make such electionreported back to the membership at the next regularly scheduled meeting .at the next Annual meeting, or at any special meeting duly called for that purpose and held prior thereto . ARTICLE XISECTION IV . Directors at Large . It is hereby understood that the immediate past presidentAt the dissolution of the IPHA, all monies are to be diverted to an APHA Youth Fund .shall hold the position of Director At Large . If unable to serve for the entire three-year term, that position shall be elected by the members for the balance of the vacant years . ARTICLE XII IndemnificationARTICLE VIII Committees Each director, officer and committee person of the IPHA shall be indemnified by the IPHA against all costs, expenses and liabilities reasonably incurred by him or her in connection Any committee that has financial responsibility will have a Director as a committee member .with or resulting from any action, suit, or proceeding to which he or she may be made a If the Committee Chairman is a Director then a second Director must be on the committee .director, officer, or committee person of the IPHA, except in relation to matters which shall The President will appoint the Chairman and Director to these committees . have been occasioned by the willful misconduct of dishonesty of such officer, director, or committee person . The foregoing right of indemnification shall cover amounts paid in All committees will have a Charter that defines its purpose . If the committee is responsiblesettlement of any such action, suit or proceeding when such settlement appears to be in the for a Club then the Charter will have the Bylaws of that Club attached to its Charter . interest of the IPHA . The foregoing rights shall be in addition to any other rights to which such director, officer, or committee person shall be entitled as a matter of law .Any Committee Chairman may add members to the committee as long as the added committee members are members in good standing with the IPHA and the CommitteeBy-laws revised January 16, 2010 .Charter allows for additional members ._____________________________________ Jerry Wyrick, PresidentThe following committees will be appointed by the President . All Committees will be under the jurisdiction of the Board of Directors . All Committees, through their Chairman or_____________________________________ Steve Morse, Vice Presidentdesignate, will bring rule changes, additions or suggestions to the Board of Directors for consideration and discussion before being presented to the membership for approval . _____________________________________ Rita Hankins, SecretaryA . Youth Committee - The Youth Committee is responsible for the coordination and_____________________________________ Shelly Prehoda, Treasurerpromotion of the IJPHC and its annual functions .B .Amateur Committee - An Amateur Committee will be responsible for the promotion of the Amateur exhibitors .2019 DirectoryPage 27'