b'ILLINOIS PAINT HORSE ASSOCIATION & INDIANA PAINT HORSE CLUB PARTNER PAINT-O-RAMAS IPHA-April 20-21, 2019-Gordyville USA, Gifford, IL-Show Manager:Lorna Wyrick (309) 826-3643IPHA/INPHC-August 31-September 1, 2019-Gordyville USA, Gifford, IL-Show Manager:Shelly Prehoda (309) 830-4819Show Secretary:Jerry Wyrick (309) 826-3643Stalls:Jerry Wyrick (309) 826-3643FRIDAYSTART TIME:5:00 P.M.53 .2016 3 Year Old Mares101 .Amateur Masters Western Pleasure 1 .Yearling In-Hand Trail54 .2015 & Before Aged MaresAges 45 & Older (NSBA) 2 .Walk Trot Trail Ages 5-1055 .Broodmares102 .Youth SPB Western Pleasure (NSBA) 3 .Amateur Walk Trot TrailGRAND & RESERVE MARES103 .Amateur SPB Western Pleasure (NSBA) 4 .Green Trail (NSBA)56 .Youth SPB Mares104 .Senior Western Pleasure (NSBA) 5 .Novice Youth Trail57 .Amateur SPB Mares105 .SPB Western Pleasure (NSBA) 6 .Novice Amateur TrailAMATEUR SOLID PAINT BRED GRAND 106 .Novice Youth Horsemanship 7 .Youth Trail (NSBA)& RESERVE MARES107 .Novice Amateur Horsemanship 8 .Amateur Trail (NSBA)58 .SPB Junior Mares 2 Years & Under108 .Youth Horsemanship 9 .Trail (NSBA)59 .SPB Senior Mares 3 Years & OverAges 13 & Under (NSBA) 10 .Youth SPB TrailGRAND & RESERVE SOLID PAINT 109 .Youth Horsemanship 11 .Amateur SPB TrailBRED MARESAges 18 & Under (NSBA) 12 .SPB Trail 60 .Lead Line Ages 3-8 110 .Amateur Horsemanship SATURDAY - START TIME:8:00 A.M.**BREAK** Ages 19 & Over (NSBA) 13 .Amateur Stallions61 .Amateur Yearling Longe Line111 .Amateur Masters Horsemanship AMATEUR GRAND & RESERVE STALLIONS(Sept show only)Ages 45 & Over (NSBA) 14 .Performance Stallions (NSBA)62 .Yearling Longe Line (Sept show only)112 .Youth SPB Horsemanship 15 .2019 Weanling Stallions63 .SPB Yearling Longe Line (Sept show only)113 .Amateur SPB Horsemanship 16 .2018 Yearling Stallions64 .Walk Trot Hunter Under Saddle Ages 5-10114 .Green Western Riding (NSBA) 17 .2017 2 Year Old Stallions65 .Walk Trot Hunt Seat Equitation Ages 5-10115 .Youth Western Riding (NSBA) 18 .2016 3 Year Old Stallions66 .Amateur Walk Trot Hunter Under Saddle116 .Amateur Western Riding (NSBA) 19 .2015 & Before Aged Stallions67 .Amateur Walk Trot Equitation117 .Western Riding (NSBA) GRAND & RESERVE STALLIONS68 .Green Hunter Under Saddle (NSBA)118 .Youth Reining 20 .Amateur SPB Stallions69 .Novice Youth Hunter Under Saddle119 .Amateur Reining AMATEUR SOLID PAINT BRED GRAND &70 .Novice Amateur Hunter Under Saddle120 .Reining RESERVE STALLIONS71 .Youth Hunter Under Saddle121 .Youth Pole Bending 21 .SPB Junior Stallions 2 Years & UnderAges 13 & Under (NSBA)122 .Amateur Pole Bending 22 .SPB Senior Stallions 3 Years & Over72 .Youth Hunter Under Saddle123 .Pole Bending GRAND & RESERVE SOLID PAINT BREDAges 18 & Under (NSBA)124 .Youth SPB Pole Bending STALLIONS73 .Amateur Hunter Under Saddle125 .Amateur SPB Pole Bending 23 .Youth GeldingsAges 19 & Over (NSBA)126 .SPB Pole Bending 24 .Amateur Geldings74 .Amateur Masters Hunter Under Saddle127 .Youth Stake Race AMATEUR GRAND & RESERVE GELDINGSAges 45 & Over (NSBA)128 .Amateur Stake Race 25 .Performance Geldings (NSBA)75 .Junior Hunter Under Saddle (NSBA)129 .Stake Race 26 .2019 Weanling Geldings76 .Youth SPB Hunter Under Saddle (NSBA)130 .Youth SPB Stake Race 27 .2018 Yearling Geldings77 .Amateur SPB Hunter Under Saddle (NSBA)131 .Amateur SPB Stake Race 28 .2017 2 Year Old Geldings78 .Senior Hunter Under Saddle (NSBA)132 .SPB Stake Race 29 .2016 3 Year Old Geldings79 .SPB Hunter Under Saddle (NSBA)133 .Youth Barrel Racing 30 .2015 & Before Aged Geldings80 .Novice Youth Hunt Seat Equitation134 .Amateur Barrel Racing GRAND & RESERVE GELDINGS81 .Novice Amateur Hunt Seat Equitation 135 .Barrel Racing 31 .Youth SPB Geldings82 .Youth Hunt Seat Equitation136 .Youth SPB Barrel Racing 32 .Amateur SPB GeldingsAges 13 & Under (NSBA)137 .Amateur SPB Barrel Racing AMATEUR SOLID PAINT BRED GRAND &83 .Youth Hunt Seat Equitation138 .SPB Barrel RacingRESERVE GELDINGSAges 18 & Under (NSBA) 33 .SPB Junior Geldings 2 Years & Under84 .Amateur Hunt Seat Equitation 34 .SPB Senior Geldings 3 Years & OverAges 19 & Over (NSBA)NON-APHA Open Walk Trot Western Pleasure GRAND & RESERVE SOLID PAINT BRED GELDINGS85 .Amateur Masters Hunt Seat Equitationis open to all Regular and Solid Paint Bred (SPB) 35 .Overo Color ClassAges 45 & Over (NSBA)registry horses .36 .Tobiano Color Class86 .Youth SPB EquitationFees37 .Walk Trot Showmanship Ages 5-1087 .Amateur SPB Equitation38 .Amateur Walk Trot ShowmanshipSUNDAY - START TIME:8:00 A.M.All entry fees priced PER JUDGE:All classes are $7 39 .Novice Youth Showmanship88 .Two Year Old Snaffle Bit Western Pleasureper class or $40 all-day fee (one horse/one rider) .40 .Novice Amateur Showmanship (Sept show only) 41 .Youth Showmanship Ages 13 & Under89 .NON-APHA Open Walk Trot Western Entry fees for NSBA classes are $15 per class (does (NSBA)Pleasurenot include APHA class fee) .Rider and owner must 42 .Youth Showmanship Ages 18 & Under90 .Walk Trot Western Pleasure Ages 5-10have NSBA membership .No trophy or payback (NSBA)91 .Walk Trot Horsemanship Ages 5-10offered .43 .Amateur Showmanship Ages 19 & Over92 .Amateur Walk Trot Western Pleasure (NSBA)93 .Amateur Walk Trot HorsemanshipAPHA fees:$5 per horse per judge .44 .Amateur Masters Showmanship Ages 4594 .Green Western Pleasure (NSBA) & Over (NSBA)95 .Novice Youth Western PleasureIPHA Office fee: $5 per horse unless pre-entered .45 .Youth SPB Showmanship (NSBA)96 .Novice Amateur Western Pleasure 46 .Amateur SPB Showmanship (NSBA)97 .Junior Western Pleasure (NSBA)Stall reservations must be canceled 72 hours prior 47 .Youth Mares98 .Youth Western Pleasureto start of show or exhibitor will be charged .48 .Amateur MaresAges 13 & Under (NSBA) AMATEUR GRAND & RESERVE MARES99 .Youth Western Pleasure 49 .Performance Mares (NSBA)Ages 18 & Under (NSBA) 50 .2019 Weanling Mares100 .Amateur Western Pleasure 51 .2018 Yearling MaresAges 19 & Over (NSBA) 52 .2017 2 Year Old Mares 2019 DirectoryPage 37'